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Emergency Preparations Team Meeting – July 27, 2016

Emergency Prep Area Coordinators’ (ACs) Meeting Agenda and Notes

July 27, 2016


  1. Introduce Topic of holding our annual block meetings with neighbors, including gap between past years and now – like school summer vacation, when you forgot your times tables over the summer?

Also some new areas such as Condos on Quarry – will begin from scratch.

  1. Set a Date – Ask each AC to do it on her or his block – and discussion as needed – e.g., where to have it, how affected by weather, costs of refreshments.
  2. Effective inviting – hand delivery combined with MYN questionnaires. But if necessary, make up invitations and email. If you don’t have emails, knock on the door, invite, and ask.
  3. Preparations: passed out PREP Oregon’s “Hosting the First Meeting” Sheet. Shared highlights of outdoor signs, sign-in sheets, pens and note pads, furniture arrangements, refreshments.
  4. Contents – See our earlier meeting outline and adapt.
  5. Questions and discussion.


Emergency Preparedness Meeting – April 20, 2016

Location: Oakridge Park Senior Facility community room
                 4255 Oakridge Road
Date: Wednesday, April 20, 2016
WaluTime: 7-8:30 pm

Meeting Highlights
Amateur Radio Emergency Service
In the event of a catastrophic disaster when the infrastructure in Lake Oswego (LO) and in Waluga Neighborhood is so severely damaged is the only way we have to communicate with our neighbors and the “outside world” is with two- way radios? Alas! There is another type of radio service available where the operators will be doing double duty to insure that the City has reliable back up communication system. Lake Oswego is fortunate to have an active amateur radio emergency service program. One licensed member is our own E.P. coordinator in Trillium Woods, Chris Battista. He will be sharing with us the basics of the radios, the amateur radio services in LO and explain how this service will be vital to our neighborhood during a disaster.