Waluga Park

Waluga ParkOne of the gems of the Waluga Neighborhood is Waluga Park – East. This great city park offers 53 acres of active and natural passive areas. East Waluga includes two lighted little-league fields and a playground area. The covered shelter has six picnic tables, three barbeques, lights, electricity and nearby restrooms. The park is the site of an old working quarry and an inactive volcano.

The Waluga Neighborhood strongly identifies with the park because it provides the area a unique identity and it sets the tone for the character of the rest of the neighborhood. The park is an amenity that should be preserved, maintained and improved for all to enjoy.



Park Under Attack

Waluga Park needs your help! The trees and native vegetation are under attack from invasive and noxious species such as English Ivy, Himalayan Blackberry and Poison Oak.

The Waluga Neighborhood Association has adopted Waluga Park in an attempt to preserve its trees, native plants and animals. Learn how you can help by volunteering with the Friends of Waluga Park.

English Ivy chokes trees to death

English Ivy chokes trees to death

Ivy in the trees and blackberry covers the ground