The Dick Benedetti TrailerOne of our main goals is to ensure the transportation system in the Waluga Neighborhood is safe and enhances neighborhood character and quality.  This means managing traffic by reducing the amount of cut-through vehicles and unlawful speeding though the neighborhood, and improving and providing for practical and safe pedestrian, bicycle and transit opportunities. There are many recommended action measures listed in our Neighborhood Plan that outline specific strategies to help us manage the ever-increasing traffic on our neighborhood streets. This includes on-street parking conditions, traffic congestion, and shared parking possibilities.

The Board approved the following updated 2016 Goals and Actions for traffic in our neighborhood:


  1. Keep cut-through traffic* to a minimum.
  2. Request police enforcement so traffic laws are followed and streets are safe.
  3. Use traffic calming techniques to slow traffic while retaining residential character and appearance.
  4. Continue to work to maintain current Waluga and adjacent neighborhood street classifications.
  5. Ensure there is adequate onsite parking for commercial and high-density residential developments so the safety of vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic is not negatively impacted.
  6. Update neighborhood residents whenever construction may impact traffic.
  7. Provide safe passage for bicycles and pedestrians through our neighborhood.

*Cut-through traffic is through traffic or auto trips, which have neither trip end nor beginning within the association boundary.  Pursuant to Lake Oswego Comprehensive Plan, Goal 12, Sub-Goal 1, cut-through traffic is discouraged on residential streets and neighborhood collectors.

Action Plans

  1. The Traffic Committee should coordinate resident participation to go before TAB, the Citizens Budget Committee and City Council, if needed, to give formal written and oral testimony to strongly encourage the City to fund the Oakridge Road project since it is included in the CIP.
  2. Request a No Left Turn from Douglas Way onto Boones Ferry Road.
  3. Request modification of existing CIP plans on Quarry/Galewood committed to by Traffic Engineering (Massoud Saberian) in prior years. This includes replacing the White Traffic Delineator poles where Galewood meets Quarry with curbing and landscaping and a crosswalk and pedestrian apron.
  4. Monitor and encourage the school district to find property to move the school bus facility.
  5. Request Traffic Engineering to study ways to improve Douglas Way such as encouraging Starbucks to solve their traffic backup.
  6. The Traffic Committee should go before the Citizen Budget Committee and Council to request CIP funding for a barricade replacing the delineator poles at the entrance of the pathway on Douglas Way from Quarry Road crosswalk.
  7. Do more plantings on the street shoulders of Quarry Road to give the appearance of a narrow road to help slow traffic, possibly through NEP project.
  8. Develop a plan to create and manage an email list to communicate with the neighborhood for traffic issues.

(Revised/Board Approved 12/9/2015)

Our neighborhood traffic and police liaison, Dick Benedetti, meets monthly with the Lake Oswego Police Department chief and staff to discuss and update our traffic and parking concerns. Other stakeholders, like the Lake Grove Business Association, the Lake Grove Post Office, Oakridge Park Senior facility, Lake Grove Elementary School and First Student Bus, are contacted whenever area-specific traffic issues arise. Dick has proven to be invaluable in building a close partnership with the Police Department.

Parking Problems

In a recent meeting with the Lake Oswego police, there was discussion about illegal parking.  It appears they have heard complaints, but not specific reports, which they need.  They have asked for everyone’s help in being sure that all illegal or dangerous situations are reported to prevent any accidents.  This can be anything from parking on a pathway or parking out onto the street.

Since some of our streets are not clearly marked with stripes or fog lines, the police can make the judgment whether the parking is illegal or not.  If you see parking you think is illegal, do NOT call 911, but rather call the police dispatch number so they can investigate. They respond quickly. The number is 503-635-0238.

You may want to put this number in your cell phone, but please do not call while driving.  Thank you for your help.