safety sign
Our Waluga neighborhood values a high level of police, fire protection and emergency preparedness service. We want to ensure police and fire protection service levels are not diminished, especially during transitions with new developments and annexed areas.

We want to utilize law enforcement to ensure safety on the Waluga neighborhood streets including Kruse Way and Boones Ferry Road, as well as preventing and responding to illegal activities in Waluga Park and vehicle safety-belt enforcement. We have invited both police and fire department staff to our annual neighborhood events and meetings.

Providing primary prevention services to all who live in the Waluga neighborhood such as traffic safety, drug education, fire and crime prevention, neighborhood watch programs and personal safety, are just some of the action measures we have identified and are implementing. Also by working closely with the planning and engineering department in Lake Oswego, we want to ensure safe roads and pathways for vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians are supported and maintained.

We participate and support the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and have started a Waluga neighborhood emergency preparedness plan, engaging volunteer coordinators to get to know their neighbors while collecting valuable information and providing a sense of community that is necessary in the event of a disaster.