About WNA

The Waluga neighborhood is a quiet neighborhood on the edge of a vibrant and active commercial crossroad. The diversity of the land uses and destination points are what make Waluga neighborhood representative of one of Lake Oswego’s finest examples of a mixed-use neighborhood.

We want to continue see our neighborhood flourish within its current diversity of natural resources, land uses, and recreational opportunities and at the same time, we seek to protect the balance of low density residential, multi-family and commercial uses.

Our neighborhood is a mix of single and multifamily residents, commercial businesses, offices and public facilities. We strive to create a small town atmosphere which supports mass transit, improve and preserve the existing balance of land uses, to maintain safe accessibility to the school, park, shopping, businesses and to encourage neighborhood interaction for developing a sense of community. These are the characteristics that contribute to the quality of life that Waluga neighborhood seeks to preserve and enhance.

Land Use Chart

The Waluga neighborhood includes approximately 208 acres in Lake Oswego. Of this, there is approximately 28 acres of right-of-way (13.5%), 68 acres of housing (32%), 19 acres of active park (9%), 34 acres of natural park area (16.3%), and 66 acres of commercial development (32%). It is divided nearly equally among residential, business and park space.

We are located along the crossroads of two major arterials: Kruse Way running east-west connecting the I-5 freeway to Boones Ferry Road and Boones Ferry Road running north-south connecting Kruse Way to the I-5 freeway and beyond there to Portland and Tualatin respectively.

WNA’s mission is detailed in our Waluga Neighborhood Association Plan and Bylaws.  Accordingly, WNA provided significant input to the City of Lake Oswego when it created the Lake Grove Village Plan, which includes the Boones Ferry Road Refinements.