Emergency Preparedness Coordinators

In a disaster, our most immediate sources of help are the neighbors living around us. Following the advice at Prep Oregon, we have divided the Waluga Neighborhood into smaller areas and recruited street/area Coordinators to organize them. The Coordinators gather information about the people living on their street or area, such as the location of water and gas shut-off valves, any specific medical or disability needs, and whether their neighbors have any skills, training, tools and equipment that could prove useful in the event of emergencies.

The Coordinators meet monthly and participate in two-way radio drills with one another. They also plan and host annual meetings with their neighbors and send out occasional emergency updates via email. At the first meeting, a street/area gathering site is established. After a disaster, this gathering site will be the place to go for information and to organize an effective neighborhood response.

Listed below are the current active Neighborhood Coordinators. Several neighborhood streets and areas are still in need of Coordinators. If you would like to help or would like to learn more, please sign-up.

Neighborhood Streets/Areas Coordinators

Collins Way
Coordinator: Maxine Parrick

Country Woods Court
Coordinator: Vacant

Douglas Way
Coordinator: Vacant

Harvey Way
Co-Coordinator: Leslie Morgan
Assistant-Coordinator: Mike Rudarmel

Heritage Hills
Coordinator: Jill Schuman

Quarry Rd, Carman Dr., Beasley Way
: Katherine Purtzer
Co-Coordinator: Cheryl Uchida

The Forest Condominiums
Coordinator: Stephanie Johnson: Building E

Our Saviors Lutheran Church
Disaster Preparedness Team Leader:
Diane Dahlin

Galewood Street
Coordinator :
Carol Lavender