Emergency Preparedness Coordinators Meeting – Oct. 30

The meeting we scheduled for this evening is important. This is the time for us to drill down into the 9 steps to take immediately after an earthquake (In Your MYN booklet) and get them programed so deeply in us that we do them automatically, without thinking. This is when we really master our work as emergency coordinators and prepare ourselves to save lives. Can you name all nine steps? Have your contact list and your list of skills and equipment in a place where they can be useful to everyone on your block even if you aren’t home? These are a couple of the things we’ll practice this evening. 

Plus we’ll begin setting up a communications network for the whole neighborhood. Getting information to everyone – about the scope of the disaster, about the location of family members, and about who is OK – will be one of the most important needs that our people will have.

Besides, I have a little of the ice cream left over from the Annual Meeting. I’ll bring that along too.

We’ll meet at Oakridge Park Senior Center at 7:00. Hope to see you there.