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School Bus Facility

The School Bus Facility for Lake Oswego has been operating out of the Lake Grove Elementary School property for decades.  All 57 buses empty out onto Beasley Way and eventually onto Quarry Road, Douglas Way, Oakridge Road and Galewood Street and back again four times a day to serve the school children in Lake Oswego.

Proactive letters from Waluga Neighborhood and meetings have occurred with the school district board, the City of Lake Oswego, First Student, City Council, the new school district superintendent and the Lake Grove Elementary PTA president requesting to relocate this service to another appropriately zoned property. Continued air, noise and ground pollution have increased over the years and pose a serious threat to the health and well being of our neighbors, particularly for the school children, teachers and residential neighbors adjacent to the site.

The School District signed a contract with a new transportation bus service company, Student Transportation of America (STA). The new company has agreed in their contract to find new location for it’s service and parking. We look forward to their relocation to a more appropriate site outside of our neighborhood. They have new and more buses fueled by propane. Though less noisy and less detectible fumes, the concerted noise of the reverse warning beepers is more audible than before. STA is doing it’s best to minimize its negative impacts to the residents of Waluga neighborhood as it searches for a more suitable and appropriate site.