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2015 and Prior Land Use Issues

Here are some land use issues that we have worked on in 2015 and prior years.

Wells Fargo Bank
Kruse Village – Gramor Development
Parkway Veterinary
West End Building
Farm Stands

  • Wells Fargo Bank, LU 13-0009, 15955 & 15987 Boones Ferry Rd.
    The Lake Grove Main Branch of Well Fargo Bank opened their brand new doors on September 22, 2014. They received approval for a variance on their building signs. Having enough parking for customers and employees will remain a challenge for this business. We hope that efforts will be made to minimize the need for on street parking on Oakridge Road. The bank officials are concerned and are aware of this. The front open area of the bank on Boones Ferry Road is a public plaza and is open to whomever wants to use the area as a gathering place. The bank branch manager is Kassie Auler. She can be reached at 503-342-4229. Specific information on this approved development application can be found here.
  • Gramor Development, LU 12-0052, 4581 & 4591 Carman Drive.
    Gramor Development’s Kruse Village was opened for business in March 2015. Underground utilities have been installed. The pathway along Kruse Way was improved and there are three wooden pedestrian bridges allowing access from the pathway to the development. Pedestrian stairs on the west property line on Meadows allows for foot traffic to the “village” other stairs links access between the Shorenstein properties and the Kruse Village site.Waluga NA is continuing to monitor increased and cut through traffic onto the neighborhood streets. For more information on Kruse Village go to the Gramor website at http://gramor.com/development/kruse-village/.
  • Parkway Veterinary Hospital, LU 12-0042, 3996 Douglas Way
    Parkway Veterinarian Hospital (AKA Animal Care Group of Lake Oswego) opened its new doors on September 22, 2014. The veterinarian and owner of the new facility is Gregg Takashima. This beautifully designed building located on Douglas Way is the first new development to be constructed in the Lake Grove Village. It consists of Physiotherapy and Rehab, Animal Surgical Specialists, a Mobile Unit and Hospice, Cardiology, and 24 hour Vet. Emergency Care. They will share parking spaces with the Sherwin-Williams Paint store. The conclusions, findings and order for this development can be viewed at LU 12-0042 Approved Findings
  • West End Building Rezone request and sale, LU 13-0053, 4101 Kruse Way.
    The City of Lake Oswego Redevelopment Agency spent an exhaustive amount of time and energy to rezone this City owned property from Office Campus/R-3 to General Commercial in order to allow the eventual sale to Kensington Investment Group who had planned to buy the property for $16.5M. After the rezone hearing was denied by the Planning Commission and after waiting for a more specific development plan for this property, Kensington found the deal was no longer financially viable, citing reasons of site constraints and height limitations.The WEB building and property has been sold to Yakima Products without a zone change request. Plans are now underway to remodel the existing building and expand the existing building by enclosing the upper deck areas. This application is classified as a minor development.
  • Farm Stands, LU 13-0067-1835
    This amendment to the Community Development Code was approved to define and allow farm stand use in specified zones. Parson’s Farm Stand has found its way back to Lake Grove and is permanently located in the middle of the Kruse Village parking lot.