Douglas Way Streetlights

The Waluga Neighborhood Association (WNA) is concerned for the safety of school-children, bicyclists and pedestrians using the pathway along Douglas Way at night. Along the east half of Douglas, a narrow pathway is separated from the street by only a small asphalt curb. This pathway is the main access to Lake Grove Elementary School and also passes in front of Village Montessori School. Children who attend pre-school or after-school activities have to walk home through the dark.

WNA is considering applying for a Neighborhood Enhancement Project for the purpose of adding streetlights along the east side of Douglas Way. Here is the current situation:

Comparison of West and East Douglas Way. The east side is much darker.

WNA feels that at least two more streetlights on the east side of Douglas are needed. The map below shows the location of existing streetlights, plus the proposed light locations.

Proposed Streetlights on Douglas Way

Note: Heavy tree canopy blocks the streetlights on Quarry Road so that Douglas Way is not lit. 

The new LED streetlights can be precisely focused with shields to illuminate the street and pathway without shining on neighborhood homes or backyards. We feel that lighting this pathway is essential for safety, especially since there are two schools for young children located here.

The raised curb that separates the pathway from the road is black and almost impossible to see at night. This is a tripping hazard that could also be reduced by better lighting. We had hoped to install a light on the telephone pole in front of Village Montessori School, but the pole has a large conduit which makes it unsuitable for a streetlight.

The proposed streetlight in front of Lake Grove Elementary will require approval from the City Council, because it is not within 150 feet of an intersection.

Please let us know your thoughts and concerns regarding the existing lighting or the proposed Neighborhood Enhancement Project.