Asphalt Contractor for Pathway

The Waluga Neighborhood Association (WNA) is requesting bids from qualified contractors to repave an existing asphalt pathway on City of Lake Oswego right-of-way. This work will be done under a proposed grant from the City’s Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP). WNA is currently soliciting estimates to submit to the City as part of our NEP grant application.


Location: 15901 Quarry Rd, Lake Oswego OR 97035 [map]

Quarry pathway bid map

Issue: The existing pathway has sunken into the soil and needs to be raised so that water will drain properly into the catch basin.

Quarry Rd Pathway

Project Requirements

  • The pathway needs to be paved to an additional height of approximately four inches, high enough that rainwater will flow off the pathway and into the existing catch basin.
  • Slope each end flush with the existing pathway, meeting ADA requirements.
  • The existing pathway is approximately 135 feet long by 6 feet wide.
  • Work to be performed between July 10, 2016 and November 1, 2016

Project Owner: The City of Lake Oswego owns the existing right-of-way and will make all payments to the Contractor. All work must meet existing City of Lake of Oswego standards.

Project Manager: The Waluga Neighborhood Association will coordinate and administer the project, and will be the point-of-contact for the Contractor. The Waluga Neighborhood Association is not financially responsible for the project.

Estimate Requirements

  • Estimates must be submitted via email to by April 18, 2016 (Deadline extended).
  • Estimates must meet standard City of Lake Oswego requirements.